My First Porn Movie

I was quite young when I was watched my first porn movie. To be honest I did not know a lot about sex but I became curious. It seemed to be enjoyable, and I couldn’t wait until I could try it myself. A few years later I met a girl on a train, and she told me she worked as part of a team of escorts in London. Needless, to say I did not have a clue what escorts did for a living and I was a bit surprised when she told me.

It did actually sound like it was something I would want to do, and I decided to learn as much as I could about escorts services, and what was expected of escorts. It was going to be years before I joined an escorts service but I did eventually start to work as part of a team of Canary Wharf escorts.

My First Porn Movie

I can’t remember how hold I was when I watched my first porn movie, but it did make me very horny. At the time, I didn’t realize I was getting horny and I experienced my first orgasm without knowing what it was.

My first porn movie had an enormous influence on me, and I sat about trying to find more. The movie that I first watched I had borrowed from my brother but a quick inspection of his room told me that he did not have anymore.

This was in the days before internet or online shops, so I find myself asking older friends if they had any porn movies that I could watch. Unfortunately they didn’t but I did eventually meet an older guy who was really into porn movies.

London escorts talk about their first porn experience

London escorts talk about their first porn experience

He was a really nice guy, and first of all he lent lots of movies to me. When after a couple of years I turned 17, he let me watch movies in his house and he started to explain a lot of stuff. I learn a lot of the names of the different actions, and after a couple of months we started having sex on a regular basis. It was really good as he was so experienced and knew exactly what to do, and how to do it.

It took a little while for me to experience an orgasm, and I normally had to watch a movie to do it, but eventually I started to have proper orgasms when I was with him. He introduced a lot of fun sex toys into our sex games, and they really helped me to relax.

After a sometime together, he started to take me up to London to many of the clubs in Soho and I met some girls who worked as London escorts. I know I wanted to work as a London escort, and my partner as I now called him was all for it. Best of all, he understood my need and he continued to by my partner for a long time.

Porn movies are great, they can really put you in touch with your sexuality and you should not be worried about watching them. And who knows, you may find yourself becoming a porn star one day yourself.

Retired London Escorts -What do they do?

London Escorts can earn really good money, and many escorts retire early. But that being said, many escorts in London seem to be reluctant to let go off their London escorts services and try to remain within the industry. There are many ways escorts can stay involved within the industry which is a good thing as many of them have a lot of business experience. Also, many of the London escorts that I have spoken to still enjoy the industry and would like to stay.

The main problem with the London escorts agency industry is that it is very difficult to be able to juggle married life and child care once you have actually gone down that route. Often escorts work late at night, and this is one of the factors which influence escorts’ retirement plans. Many of the girls that work in London are also from other countries, some of these girls may decide they would like to go back to their country of origin to spend time with their family. Some of these girls do not stay within the industry, but many London girls do.

Lingerie Business

A lot of escorts in London love lingerie, and they know what looks good. During their professional career many of the girls focus on saving enough money to start their own businesses, and many of them do end up running their own lingerie shops. A couple of London’s most successful lingerie companies are owned by former escorts.

London Escorts In Retirement

London Escorts hate Retirement

A couple of the girls who have gone down this route have even put together their own ranges, and now spend a lot of time designing new collections. Some of the lingerie is mainstream but other lingerie is a bit more risky. The girls are very enterprising and do not only sell in shops. Many of the girls have their own online shops as well, and two of them now ship their exclusive brand of lingerie all over the world.

Running their own agencies

Clearly most the very best London escorts have a lot of experience, and many of them set up their own agencies. Some of the most prominent escorts agencies in London are now owned by former escorts, and you will even find that many of the girls answer the phone themselves. At the end of the day, they have plenty of experience of the business and they will know what works.

They are also good at forming long term relationships, and many of their former dates will stay with them but date the new girls. The nice thing is that there is still continuity, and the dates know that there is always a friendly voice who they know at the end of the telephone. Many of the most best escorts agencies in London are operated in this way, and they offer a very personal service with good customer retention. The girls obviously know their former dates and know very well what the dates exports from the services provided.

Many former London escorts make excellent business owners. They are sharp and on the ball, exactly what you need to succeed in a business.